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Welcome to KCVYS    


Information on who to contact for KCVYS related issues as from 1/7/12


As from 29/6/12, Barry Clout and Jane Wallace will no longer be working for KCVYS.  Barry is retiring and Jane will still be running the MiDAS, MPV, PAT, PCV (D1) training from Hopewell Drive as Minibus Assessed Drivers Courses Ltd.






Phone:0741 555 6676      


KCVYS will no longer be at Unit 17, Hopewell Drive, Luton.  If you have any other queries or issues please contact


Kent Youth 01622 793700 Messenger House, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent ME20 6SG


Please continue to send your cheques to Hopewell Drive for MiDAS courses but any other post please send to Messenger House FAO Eve Johnson.



MiDAS Training


Please note as from 1/7/12 KCVYS will no longer be providing the MiDAS/ MPV / PAT / PCV D1 training.  Minibus Assessed Drivers Courses Ltd will be taking over this training but still run by myself Jane Wallace and the assessor is still Gordon Cant.






Phone:0741 555 6676      


Cheques / BACs should then be made out to Minibus Assessed Drivers Courses Ltd.


The Kent Council for Voluntary Youth Services is the only umbrella organisation in the County to which all the countywide voluntary youth organisations belong.


The primary role of KCVYS is to act as an advocate - on behalf of youth work in the voluntary sector and also on behalf of our member organisations. We aim to advocate with local authorities (i.e. Kent County Council and Medway Council), other key decision-makers and opinion informers (i.e. Members of Parliament, media), our members and the public.


Our secondary role is as the hub of a growing network - to ensure that effective communication takes place between the KCVYS Executive Committee and member organisations on current issues within voluntary youth work. We also use this communication to collect the views of members to substantiate and give credence to our advocacy.


KCVYS, a voluntary organisation works in close partnership with Kent Youth Service and Medway Youth Service, both of whom offer financial and non-financial support.


The organisations with whom we interrelate are identified on our Network page


Minibus Driver Alert!




Drivers over 70 years old cannot drive minibuses unless they pass a full PCV D1 standard medical.


a) Prior to/whilst renewing their licence with C1 and D1 categories which will be retained.


b) After being issued with a ‘car’ licence with category B then an extension (120) will be added BUT only for up to 3.5 tonne, grosse weight plated minibuses – the same as B / B1 drivers.



Minibus Information


MiDAS Training Dates


Advisory Note: Minibus Weights B/B1 drivers 


Certificate of Professional Competence


Section 19, Small Bus Permits


Child Restraints









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Any Minibus MiDAS driver course enquires please contact Jane Wallace



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